Rebooting NYC: An Urban Tech Agenda for the Next Administration is an applied research initiative dedicated to proactively identifying challenges facing New York City that can be addressed with existing urban technologies.

While we know that not all urban problems can be solved with technology, many of them can, but there are significant institutional barriers to adoption of new technologies in city government. It is our hope that the next Mayoral administration will take on this agenda to both improve the performance of urban systems and the quality of life for all New Yorkers.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed deep existing social, economic and racial inequities in the city, but it also accelerated the adoption of new technologies in unexpected ways. This report is the product of over 100 interviews with tech and civic leaders, current and former government officials, and everyday New Yorkers, that focused on the challenges that technology can address in improving both the performance of urban systems and social equity in the city.

There are 5 main area of focus for this report:

  1. Lay the groundwork by protecting privacy and ensuring the City can implement technology well
  1. Ensure all New Yorkers can participate in the digital economy
  1. Optimize urban systems with new, but widely available and trusted technologies
  2. Expand the use of digital tools to increase public participation and expand access to government services
  3. Futureproof policy to anticipate emerging technologies in advance of their arrival


This report is being issued as a draft, intended to provoke productive debates and discussions amongst the multitude of stakeholders that make up our diverse city. It is our ultimate goal that these proposals  serve as a guide for the next administration to embrace new urban technologies in order to help make New York stronger, fairer and more resilient.

We look forward to your comments.

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