The Jacobs Urban Tech Hub is excited to share two recent updates that showcase our work in improving open-source technology development and government technology innovation.


First, in May 2023 our team published a new report, “Orchestrated Development: Building Municipal Digital Infrastructure”. The report establishes a holistic and collaborative system for public technologists working across government and non-profit sectors to overcome the traditional pitfalls of open-source development. This research was funded by a grant from the Digital Infrastructure Fund, a program of Ford Foundation, Sloan Foundation, Mozilla, Omidyar Network, and Open Society Foundations.

Alongside the report’s release, our research was featured in a GovTech magazine interview. The article, “A New Approach Could Fill the Potholes in Digital Infrastructure”,  highlights the Hub’s new framework on how local governments can collaboratively approach digital infrastructure challenges.

This new body of work provides a glimpse into our ongoing efforts at the Urban Tech Hub to foster meaningful dialogue and progress in the sphere of public interest technology. We invite you to explore the report and feature to learn more about our work.